Humphrey Zeiss 750 Visual Field


Humphrey Zeiss 750 Visual Field with head tracking with automatically aligns the patients head during the test

The Humphrey Zeiss 750 perimeter includes all of the previous features plus head tracking with automatically aligns the patients head during the test, keeping the eye aligned in the trial lens. Automatic vertex monitoring alerts the operator when the patient backs away from the instrument. Automatic pupil measurement accurately measures the pupil size. A 1.1 GB hard drive with streamer tape backup is provided for increase storage capacity and patient data backup security. Blue- Yellow testing and key board are standard on the model Humphrey 750 perimeter. Free future enhancements include STATPAC for Blue- Yellow, Kinetic testing, and custom testing.

Humphrey Zeiss 700 Series Perimeters


Humphrey 750-7-300-Patt-WM
Humphrey 750-3-300-Patt-WM
Humphrey 750-2-300-Patt-WM


Why Purchase a Humphrey Field Analyzer from Vision Systems Inc?
Vision Systems Inc. is the only company approved by Zeiss to go through their 10 page certification standards.
This means that your Humphrey Perimeter will go through a extensive process of verifying that factory standards are met using Zeiss calibration tools. Light intensity is set perfectly by our Zeiss trained technicians using Zeiss light meters, and camera alignment is always set to factory specifications. It doesn’t stop there; VSI makes sure your products will be up to date with all latest software in the 700 series visual field analyzers. More importantly, you can feel at ease when looking to service your Zeiss perimeter. Vision Systems Inc. holds the largest inventory of service parts and equipment for your long term needs.
When you purchase a Zeiss perimeter you can be sure it will come equipped with a power stand, a new table top and a laser jet printer. Making your print-outs more cost effective and received in a timely manner.
After all is said and done, we report all calibrations and serial numbers back to Zeiss, making VSI the only company who truly refurbishes, certifies, and backs up our equipment with the industry leading warranty, service and support in the Optical and Ophthalmic Equipment business.

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