Briot Accura CX Patternless Edger


Briot Accura CX Patternless Edger from VSI is easy to learn & use even novices become accurate edging experts fast.

5-D Tracing for Superior Frame Fit The Accura Cx and Pro models now feature Briot’s exclusive 5-D tracing, which goes beyond 3-D to deliver the most accurate and aesthetic fit inside the frame for superior results with all of today’s frame styles. Trace and Edge Smaller Lenses The Accura Cx, Pro and Silver models can all finish lenses as small as 17.75mm “B” rimless, to accommodate today’s smaller eyewear trends.
Easy To Learn and Use Even novices become edging experts Fast and Accurate with all Lenses Processes plastic, polycarbonate, glass, high index, progressives, AR coated, all premium lenses.
Reduces Handling and Spoilage Fully automatic to minimize lens handling between steps
Compact and Durable Just over 2’x2′, fits any office space Builds Your Practice and Your Profits Saves lab fees and attracts new business.

See how VSI rebuilds the patternless lens edger

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